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Worthy Beer Label


Would I hang this art on my wall?


12 oz bottle label, 12 oz can, my wall.




We have a tropical/citrus ipa infused with Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit peel.


Here are the working ideas




1. Paradisio Citrus IPA


pint glass packed with fruit?

Description: Macintosh Downloads:61EBEFDE-CA04-493D-BD79-BE3E12DD5EA2:images.jpeg Description: Macintosh Downloads:D4D0EC37-A035-45ED-8544-A02178A884E0:images.jpeg


2. Kama Citrus Tropical IPA


Romancing a grapefruit, orange, lemon. Seductive imagery.

Instead of a woman kissing a man she’s caressing/kissing a grapefruit.

Full Erotica

Description: Macintosh Downloads:11113E01-C9AD-44D1-8195-95F5AC45B903:attachment.jpeg Description: Macintosh Downloads:C5CD27F3-D0C1-4557-81C8-D5ED70680579:images.jpeg


3. Exuberance Tropical IPA  


Image of a beautiful athletic woman exuberating - eg Chastain, or a really happy wappy dog so excited we viscerally smile.  In inspiration here is William Blake:

“Exuberance is Beauty.”

Description: Macintosh Downloads:DAB1E8EB-8628-4AA9-A72F-3EF73ECA2D0D:635925515136157020-AP-WWCup-US-China-Soccer.jpg



4. Full Boat Tropical IPA


(i love the image of an old tropical fruit boat)
Slang term in poker for Full House
A stacked hand. A winning hand that leads to “all in”
Winning hand   Poker cards with fruit symbols/art instead of hearts, spades,diamonds.etc?

Description: Macintosh Downloads:BA657419-A0D0-4AED-AED0-B880CF679EC5:fruit-boat.gif
Description: Macintosh Downloads:58B7FEBE-3CAA-4B4E-9497-18361F820591:images.jpeg  


5. Forbidden Fruit IPA


Image of biblical apple tree festooned with oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Maybe a snake climbing up the trunk? Seduction.