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New Mantra/Logo Memo (April 2018)


2018 Worthy Logo, Motto, Theme
April 9, 2018

New Logo:

The message is hops are our world. This opens up to our relationship to the world and appreciation of its bounty - chiefly, hops, the chief flavor generator for craft beer. Hops are our Heart & Soul. The pursuit of new hop varieties is what prompted the owner to build. Now that we are launching Strata IPA, 9 years after I started Indie Hops and the breeding program, we are ready to relaunch Worthy Brewing. The logo is a stand alone icon. The goal of any logo is to express a brand identify symbolically without words. The top row can be used as an icon for hats, tshirts, taphandles, tin tackers, stickers, etc. Another version would have the words Bend, Or beneath. It would be nice to have version that references Bend.



What words would we put on the side of a delivery truck that spoke to our identity? This is a tough question. Should we have one motto, no matter what? Or multiple, depending on audience and medium.

To date, we have used:

Drink Up. Dream On.

Drink Worthy

Both are good. Drink Worthy speaks to our balanced beers. Drink up Dream On speaks to our appreciation of  the cultivation of vision, often born while under the influence. It speaks to the positive association of beer and creativity. The “dream on” may go with the new whimsical hopturn logo.

As we go forward, Worthy is considering a few rebrand options. One is analogous to Newman’s Own, a brand associated with quality products and the importance of “giving back.” Consumers know that a portion of the profits go to charities. We don't know which charities, and we don't ask, but we like the idea of buying quality, and paying slightly more, if we know it’s for a “good cause.”

Since inception Worthy has been investing in renewable energy, green initiatives and sustainable business practices. The owner has created a tax deductible 501C(3) non-profit, The Worthy Garden Club, whose mission is to foster science literacy and salubrious stewardship of our home planet. Once a month at the pub we have a pint night where we pick a worthy charity, usually one associated with conservation, and dedicate a percentage of the beer sales to that charity.

Worthy’s owner intends to step up his philanthropic work via the WGC, as well as through his private Charitable Gift Trust. For example, the WGC is in the process of acquiring Oregon forest acreage to be dedicated for conservation, research and retreat. On a regular basis WBC will be using it’s Hop Mahal banquet space for lectures by experts who can speak to green and conservation initiatives, as well as the beauty of the natural and cosmic world. We all know the Hopservatory has been a key component of our restaurant’s success and identify.

On the other hand, it’s important to be playful, light, and cheerful. I like whimsy. If we associate too much on the planet and the planet is hurting, we don't want to be associated with doom and despair. We want to be associated with health, sustainability and optimism. The logo is not the earth. It’s a symbol that conflates Earth with a hop. By putting a ring around the hop, we are creating a planet, in which the core is the hop. That’s playful. Cosmic.

Here is a list of new word phrases that speak to the association between our product and our mission. The list is loosely based on my preferences, but this is designed to open up a discussion. It is possible to have a few mottos that can be used in various media. But overall, I’d like to have a single go-to motto. I have NOT made up my mind.

  • Earth First. Beer Second. (Speaks to Worthy’s alignment with prevailing West Coast values. And playful. And we’ve used this phrase on Earth Day to good success).

  • Drink Worthy. Live Hoppily. (upbeat, positive, respectful of farms).

  • Beer Fit for Worthlings (I like the neologism “Worthling,” a play on “Earthling.” We associate that word with Earth (good) and a greeting to our fellow man/woman (good).

  • Fit for Fellow Worthlings (Fit and Fellow have alliteration).

  • Greetings Fellow Worthlings (a positive salutation, like cheers, and welcoming).

  • For Worthlings (simple, direct, memorable). Like Rogue Nation.

  • You are Worthy (A declaration. Think Uncle Sam.)

  • Home Hoppy Home (speaks to our heart, and home is where the craft is).

  • Hoppily Indie Crafted (this is a nice play on our association with key words “Independent” and “craft”, as well as our sister company, Indie Hops). Tells a story. Conflation of happy and hoppy. Promotes happiness. And “Craft” can be interprted as space craft. USS Mother Earth.

  • Hoppily Crafted (direct tie to logo and uses key buzz words) (can also mean “space craft” consistent with the hop ring logo).

  • Hoppily Home Grown (appreciation of hops grown in Oregon and PACNW). The earth is our home. Hops are our world.

  • Indie Crafted (simple, speaks to origins) (craft can also mean “space craft” and goes with our logo).

  • Home is Where the Hop Is

  • Hoppily Ever After

  • Drink Worthy. Support Survival

  • Drink Worthy. Support Science

  • Drink Worthy. Love your Mother. (Mother Earth). Hug?

  • Hops Serve. Beer Rules


  • Hop Zentricity (negotiating, but we have applied for TM)

  • Hop Star (we own the TM)

  • Hoppy camper

  • Hoppy Travels

  • Hoppy Trails

In the pub, perhaps we set aside a tap we name after an endangered large mammalian vertebrate, or bird (with emphasis on NAmerican species). Or after a PACNW wilderness area threatened with destruction. https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/directory?direction=desc&sort=extinction_status

Note: I have lawyered up to make sure for IRS and county tax assessor purposes the WBC and WGC are separate legal entities. WBC cannot promote the hopservatory as part of it’s identity. We share property and values with the non profit. But the IRS forbids Worthy Brewing to directly and substantially financially benefit from the association. For marketing purposes, we will need to keep a line between the two. I have asked Adam Haynes to design a new logo for WGC. As soon as we begin introducing the new WBC logo, we need to shut down the WGChopturn logo.