Worthy Brewing SWAG 2018
Baseball hats

  • Corduroy / Wool Hats w/ a leather patch

  • Flex Fit Hats (hop turn and 3D Worthy)

  • Camo w/ Embroidered logo

  • Foam Truckers - Mostly used as event swag, but we also provide them for sale in the pub. To keep costs down, we keep to 1 color print.

  • New Idea Foam Trucker - Seeing a trend in printed foam truckers, this is a concept.


We have several options here. I felt it important to showcase more than 3 since they each resonate with a different demographic and we are seeing


New Concept Foam Truckers Hat

Hop Turn Flex Fit


Worthy Flex Fit

Camo Hat

Foam Truckers Hat


Wool and Corduroy Leather Patch


Paper Boy Hat

Paper Boy Hat