Strata IPA


Here are some thoughts on Strata IPA.

The hop has many layers.

Each layer is a color that represents a flavor (grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, pot). Im a fan of it's dank, terpelicious aroma on the rub. Oregon roots. Daddy could be a rogue oregon hop stud. Mama is a fair hop maiden from Germany, Perle.


1. An image that is beautiful that can be hung up as art at Worthy Brewing. (or my house).

2. An image that can be reproduced on a beer can or 22 oz bottle label. This is the first big hop out of the IH-OSU aroma hop breeding program. Want to create a sensation and pay respect for the art, science, sweat and labor.


WBC Blogs about Strata IPA


passion fruit

I have this poster. Authentic. Purchased at Haight Ashbury in 1970 when I was 9 years old.
Purple Haze. Timeless. Elevational. Transformational.

Many layers. big influence on me.




Hop Cone with an escher inspired hop design radiating outward.

Worthy Hop-Saturn Ring.
One idea is stratified rings and atmosphere. Multi layered dankness circling a giant multi-layered fruit core. Worthy tie in too because of observatory. Maybe retro Sci-Fi paperback cover art vibe???