Mug Worthy


PROJECT: Mug Worthy
WHERE: Worthy Brewing Taps & Tacos (far East Wall).
STYLE: Andy Warhol Fauvian Color/Screen Print
OBJECTIVE: Create a stunning Worthy Outlaw Wall that will cast a new light on artistic and scientific revolutionaries.
DIMENSIONS: Entire Wall around the Salsa Bar (TBD).
Description: Take icons and convert to Warhol style. Think the album color of "Some Girls", "Marilyn Monroe," and even Andy Warhops. We take each mugshot and colorize with Warhol Fauvian palate. Details not important. Most of the pictures are black and white mugshots. The best have a placard identifying name, prison, year. For those who do not have the classic mugshot, we invent our own (basically a frontal and side profile). Again, it's sufficent to have the name and date of incarceration, eg. John Lennon, 1968. Obviously we create our own mugshots for Galileo and Fydor Dostoyeski and Oscar Wilde.
The Question: How do we reproduce thse photos easily in the Warholian color scheme? Do we print out each image as an 8 x 11? Do we combine 4-8 per poster and recreate the posters? My image is a white wall with WORTHY OUTLAWS banner, with spotlights on the images. Would it be easier and less expensive to combine 4-8 per poster? Or do one at a time on a standard frame (smaller the better).
Depending on the size and cost restrictions, RGW will decide the number we will use, and the "outlaws"we will use. The message will be clear, to do anything big, important and lasting, you have to risk ruffling a few feathers and even breaking the law.


Jesus Christ AD 30 Thomas More, 1534 Galileo, 1633
Henry-David Thoreau, 1846 Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1871 Susan B. Anthony, 1872
Crazy Horse, 1877 Sitting Bull, 1881 Liliuokalani, 1894
Oscar Wilde, 1895 Emiliano Zapata, 1897 Mahatma Ghandi, 1908
Leon Trotsky, 1928 Frank Sinatra, 1938 Jack Kerouac, 1944
Jack Kerouac, 19?? Jack Kerouac, 19??  
Neil Cassady, 1944    

Phyllis Stalnaker, 1944

Anne Frank, 1945

Malcolm X, 1946

Paul Newman, 1946    
Dalton Trumbo, 1950 Dustin Hoffman, 1954 Marilyn Monroe, 1954
Marilyn Monroe, 1954 Rosa Parks, 1955  
Che Guevara, 1960 Al Pacino, 1961 Lenny Bruce, 1963
Bernie Sanders, 1963 Martin Luther King, 1963 Marlon Brando, 1964
Marlon Brando, 19?? Marlon Brando, 19??  
Johnny Cash, 1965    
John Lewis, 1965 Ken Kesey, 1965 Mick Jagger, 1967

Allen Ginsburg, 1967 Muhammad Ali, 1967 John Lennon, 1968
John Lennon, 19??    
Jimi Hendrix, 1969 Janis Joplin, 1969 Jane Fonda, 1970
Jerry Garcia, 1970 Timothy Leary, 1970 Jim Morrison, 1970
Angela Davis, 1970 Daniel Ellsberg, 1971 Steve McQueen, 1972
George Carlin, 1972 Willie Nelson, 1974 Dennis Hopper, 1975
David Bowie, 1976 Bill Gates, 1977 Keith Richards, 1978
Paul McCartney, 1980    
Pete Seeger, 1980s Woody Harrelson, 1982 Kurt Cobain, 1986
Mark Wahlberg, 1987 James Brown, 1988 Charles Barkley, 1991
Mickey Rourke, 1994 Martin Sheen, 1997 Robert Downey Jr., 1999
Matthew McConaughey, 1999

Eminem, 2000

Robert Downey Jr., 2001
Mickey Rourke, 2007    

Sean White, 2012

George Clooney, 2012

Edward Snowden, 2013
Mark Ruffalo, 2015 Neil Young, 2016  
Marylin Monroe Beatles Beatles
Stones, Some Girls Stones- Some Girls Stones, Some Girls