Mug Worthy emblazoned East wall (salsa bar) of Taps n Tacos.


Select worthy mug shots (facial shot with Police placard/number, date, name jail), colorize in Warholian colors


1) finding quality black n white photos of head shot,
2) graphically touching up name, numbers
3) recreating a mug shot if possible (eg. Ali, Brando, Lennon)
4) selecting graphics artist who will convert the images into the warholian art , eg, ZillionDesigns (off shore artists at discounted prices).

The below are the images we want to use. Note that we will need to delete the profile shot (again, we want the format to match Nelson and Bowie).

First Tier mugshots that are ready to colorize (use only the head on shot, not the profile), total 20:

Sinatra - Kerouac - Cassady - Hoffman - Cash - Kesey - Jagger - Hendrix - Jane Fonda
Garcia - Leary - Morrsion - McQueen - Carlin (we need to graphically recreate the police placard)
Hopper - Gates - Harrelson - Cobain

Willie Nelson (done)
David Bowie (done)

Add 5:

Paul Newman (need placard)
Marilyn Monroe (Dimaggio, Norma Jean, 4 feb 54)
John Lennon (use the “People for Peace” photo)
James Brown (1988)
Downey Jr, 1999 (use photo with placard)

Second Tier (if we have time and room, these would be awesome)

Barkley (need to crate a placard)
Rourke (use the image from 1994)
Phyllis Stalnaker (we have to fit in “weedhead, tramp”!!)


Frank Sinatra, 1938 Jack Kerouac, 1944 Neil Cassady, 1944
Dustin Hoffman, 1954 Al Pacino, 1961 Marlon Brando, 1964
Johnny Cash, 1965 Ken Kesey, 1965 Mick Jagger, 1967
Muhammad Ali, 1967 John Lennon, 1968 Jimi Hendrix, 1969
Jane Fonda, 1970 Jerry Garcia, 1970 Timothy Leary, 1970
Jim Morrison, 1970 Steve McQueen, 1972  
George Carlin, 1972 Willie Nelson, 1974 Dennis Hopper, 1975
David Bowie, 1976 Bill Gates, 1977 Woody Harrelson, 1982
Kurt Cobain, 1986 Charles Barkley, 1991

Robert Downey, Jr., 1999


Eminem, 2000

Mickey Rourke, 2007