Worthy Garden Club Tenmile Vision




Our vision is a solar powered nature retreat with a working-farm revenue source, such as mushrooms.

  • Main lodge (see map below), two story, with terraced decking to a small apple orchard in the floodplain. Mainfloor will be kitchen, meeting and utility rooms. Upstairs includes two bedrooms and an office space

  • Barn #2: wood/toolshop with upstairs efficiency apartment (bed, shower, kitchen, toilet)

  • Barn #3: Supplies with upstairs efficiency

  • Barn #4: Vehicle with upstairs efficiency

  • Utility 5: Solar batteries, pump house (water well?)

  • Shroom Shed

  • Solar Field - NW quadrant of East Meadow, solar panel field. Run conduit to the battery bunker. Build bridge across McKinney Creek.

  • Greenhouses - support herb and veggie garden

  • Possible paddock East pasture for horses for fungi manure/rootstock

  • Possible walking bridge over TenMile Creek

  • Reforest all acreage South of Tenmile Creek *Reforest most of North pasture with exception of solar field (and sunlight buffer) and possible horse paddock

  • Propane backup (and mini-hydro?)


Eventually WGC will have a full time caretaker/farmer/shaman.
~ June 9, 2020












Tenmile Sketch




Tenmile Parcel Aerial Footage Taken on June 7, 2020




East Meadow - Birdseye



Fullview - Birdseye



West End - Lateral



West End - Birdseye