Save The Ponderosa

The West Bend Project; Cutting Large Diameter Trees Inconsistent with the EIS, Science, Forest Health, Fire Suppression and Curbing a Climate Emergency. Click here

Letter to Oregon Congressional Delegation
by Rick Martinson, Ph.D.
Jun 29, 2022


Don't Blame the Whistleblower. Click here

Op Ed by Roger Worthington
May 15, 2022


West Bend Project: Please Hit the Pause Button, Again. Click here

Letter to Ms. Holly Jewkes, Deschutes Forest Supervisor
by Roger Worthington and Richard Martinson
April 18, 2022


West Bend Project: Hit the Pause Button, Save Mature Ponderosas. Click here

Photos showing timber harvest.

Letter to Mayor Sally Russell. City Council Chambers at City Hall, Bend, OR
by Roger Worthington
March 24, 2022


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More Effective Approach for Preventing Wildland-Urban Fire Disasters

Jack Cohen, PhD, Research Physical Scientist, US Forest Service, retired

Large Trees Dominate Carbon Storage in Forests East of the Cascade Crest in the United States Pacific Northwest

David J. Mildrexler, Logan T. Berner,Dr. Beverly E. Law, Richard A. Birdsey and Dr. William R. Moomawll

Human ignitions on private lands drive USFS cross‑boundary wildfire transmission and community impacts in the western US

William M. Downing, Christopher J. Dunn, Matthew P. Thompson, Michael D. Caggiano & Karen C. Short

Photos recently taken of a few of the Ponderosa pines slated for cutting, many of the mature trees within this stand exceed 21 inches