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Chris Hipp: Laborite, Friend, Innovator and Maverick, 1961--2009

The outpouring of love for Chris and support for Lorraine has been truly touching. The energy continues to grow. People want to do something. They want to take action. They want in some way to show their gratitude and affection for this unique man who touched, mentored, intrigued, inspired and amused so many. Tribute rides have broken out spontaneously from Plano, Texas to San Clemente,CA, and from Bend, Oregon to Redwood City. Disciples on bikes are stopping to take pictures of weird stuff. Some are showing their solidarity by wearing fanny packs (mansacks). Lance has twittered. The NYT has published an obit. The blogs are buzzing. Old cronies who havent spoken for decades are reconnecting. New friendships are being formed.

The spirt has been strong and wonderful and, more good news, there's more to come. Friends and Frenemies alike are urged to save the weekend of August 1st and 2nd (Sat. and Sun.) to come to the Redwood City/Menlo Park area to pay tribute to our Hipp Star. We will be planning a number of activities to both celebrate Chris' life and keep his labor legacy alive. I am personally excited to have the chance to fill in a few holes on this enigmatic and curious man. This event will give each of us -- techies, webgeeks, wonks, winos, bikies, and angel$ -- a chance to both share and learn more about the texture, color, depth and bandwidth of The Man.

Here's a short summary of the events planned.

RIDES: On Saturday and Sun day we will plan and post routes for fun rides each day. This may include joining up (taking over!) the Spectrum ride. There will be options to travel a few of Hipp's favorite routes (I can hear him now,, ."This is the Greatest Ride,,, ever!) . Details TBD.

SAT NIGHT: An intimate gathering of close friends and relatives, from 4pm to 9:30pm-ish, at a cozy venue in Menlo Park. We will be sending out RSVPs for "The Hipp Bash!" shortly. Those who knew him best will compete for the coveted Hipp Star "Now that's the FUNNIEST ..." story award... Stay tuned for details.

SUN AFTERNOON: After the Sunday bike ride, everyone's invited to Curtis Feeny's house in Woodside, CA for a casual bar-b-q. Beer and food included. Due to parking limitations, friends are encouraged to ride over on their bikes.

Lorraine sends her love and she's very grateful for the outpouring of love and support. 

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