ReWild Mural - March 20, 2024


Worthy's displaced mural finds a home; another mural planned for downtown pub

by Morgan Owen. The Bulletin
March 20, 2024

Worthy Brewing's ReWild mural, which depicts Oregon native species, has been moved to the brewery's Eastside pub after a dissenting neighbor derailed plans to install the artwork at the company's Beers & Burgers location in downtown Bend.

"I think the placement of the mural at Worthy Brewing was simply the path of least resistance and everyone knows that," said Roger Worthington, the owner of Worthy Brewing and the Worthy Building in downtown Bend along Brooks Alley. "I guess there was a point at which I wanted to contest and argue ... but I looked down the road and that's not worth my time."

The controversy over the mural first began earlier this month when Bob Deitz - who owns the property adjacent to the Worthy building - refused to give Worthington access to his property so he could install the mural. He told Worthington he disagreed with its messaging.

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ReWild Mural - March 3, 2024


Worthy Brewing's Owner is 'crestfallen' by canceled mural plans

by Morgan Owen. The Bulletin
March 3, 2024

Worthy Brewing's plans for a mural - which depicts a bald eagle, beaver, wolf, grizzly bear and spotted owl and the word "ReWild" framed by salmon - has been put on hold at its Beers & Burgers location in downtown Bend due to a neighbor's complaint, says Roger Worthignton, the building's owners.

While neighbor approval is not required by the city of Bend, Worthington said he won't be able to install the mural, which is painted on plywood, unless his neighbor grants temporary access to his property.

Because neighbor Bob Dietz is allegedly refusing to cooperate based on the mural's design, there is no way Worthington can continue with the project. Click here for full article.

ReWild Mural - October 9, 2023


ReWild Mural

ReWild from the Parking Lot